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Previously, our service existed under the address of www.LoveCity.pl, now the domain's name has been changed to www.buziak.de.

Feel free to proceed with FREE REGISTRATION and use FREE PRESTIGE accounts. We strongly encourage you to participate in the contest organized by us.

Did you know..

1. You can block a persistent user.
You can block received: messages, kisses, smiles. It's enough to log onto your profile and proceed to: My account > My mail > Now open the message and you will see a red link next to the sender, block. The unwanted user will be added to the Blacklist. You can lift the block at any time by removing the user from the blacklist.

2. You can check who added you to their list of favorite users.
Platinum and Prestige accounts make it possible to check who likes You, who added You to their list of favorite users.
You can check it in: My account > My mail > Who added me

3. You can check who visited you.
Check who watched Your profile using the tab: My account > My statistics

4. You can add your favorite users to contacts.
Add to contacts . The user will be added to Your list available at : My account > My contacts. You can remove users from the list at any time.

5. You can add your favorite YouTube videos to your profile.
Add the videos at: My account > My videos.

6. You can add Private Picture Galleries available only to the chosen people.
What is a Private Gallery ? Here, you can add your private picture and show it only to the people you choose.
You can add private pictures by going to: My account > My private pictures
If you don't want to, you don't have to present it to everyone. We guarantee high security and confidentiality of data. Ensure your anonymity, simultaneously showing the person you care about what you look like. You can restrict a given person access at any time. Why send pictures by e-mail ? You will show tchem much quicker and more efficiently in a secured private gallery.
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