Love Stories

I’d been looking for a man who, just like me, would love poetry and understand it, and already lost any hope for such men to exist at all. But you portal has put me and Robert together through our similar profiles and the same love for poetry. When I read a poem on his profile, I couldn’t get my eyes off him for quite a while, and then everything else went really fast! As if in a trance, I wrote Robert, got his reply in a few hours and we had our first meeting planned. My friend told me it was crazy to go to the other side of the country just to meet a stranger but I and Robert knew it was our destiny. He was waiting there with a red rose, I was wearing a flowery, airy dress and I actually don’t remember what we were talking about any more but I do remember I had a wonderful time, we had a lively discussion about, naturally, poetry of various artists all night long. I got home on a morning train, although I had planned to return in just two hours. To this day, distance is not much of an obstacle to us, so far we meet only once a month because of our jobs, but we’re planning to move to the capital, which is the middle point between the places we live at, this year. The parents can’t fully understand it, friends think it’s ridiculous, but I know your website let me find a man I could only dream about do far. That’s why I want to thank you, on both mine and Robert’s behalf, for this acquaintance, for the portal being there and bringing two souls together.
Best wishes,
Robert and Juliet

Hello again! When I first wrote you and put up my profile, I was completely alone and I thought it would stay that way. I’m not the youngest person any more, I’m over forty, and women my age usually have their own families or have a past. But here it turns out there are more women my age who, just like me, haven’t found their other half yet and are still waiting for that special someone. Still, I wrote up my own profile and awaited a message from that special someone, indeed there was a lot of messages, but only one that I particularly liked. That person turned out to be my other half and is my wife today. From the very beginning of our relationship we had common interests, hobbies and even the same professions, which let us start our own business and run it together. Today, our baby is on the way and we will surely tell him about your portal as a place two people can meet and fall madly in love. I hope the portal will stay around long enough for my son to create his own profile and find his other half. It will be our little family tradition. Thanks to your website, I’m happy and in love. I know it was Anna I’d been waiting for all my life.
With regards,

I started a profile here nearly a year ago but never got to watch other profiles, as I usually stay away from such Internet acquaintances. However, I once went through a couple of handsome guy’s profiles with a friend and I found Camille’s profile. At first I wrote him for fun but deep down I wanted him to respond, as his profile’s description was a good match with mine. He responded after a week but he did and that’s what mattered. That’s how we started our relationship, even if a bit timidly. After a few conversations, still via the Internet, it turned out we had many common interests and passions, so we decided to arrange a meeting. Sadly, we lived many kilometers apart but it turned out Camille studies in a city only a hundred kilometers away from where I live so the meeting was simpler than we had assumed. Then I found that my aunt lives in the same city as Camille so I went to visit her for a few days and it was then that we had an opportunity to get to know each other better. Since then we’ve been meeting each other frequently, Camille’s coming to my city after he graduates, and I visit my aunt more and more often, considering living together. I’m most likely to land a job where Camille lives and I will stay at my aunt’s, then we’ll think about living together. Thanks to your portal and the ideal match of our profiles we can certainly say you’re invaluable, you can bring people together and find two personalities that go together well. We wish you good luck, continued success of your portal and thank you for the opportunity for us to get to know each other.
Michelle and Camille

I’m more on the shy side and don’t get out much, even when my friends ask me to go partying with them I always refuse. Once my best friends talked me into creating a profile on your dating website. I met a guy from a completely different city but something sparked between us. We could talk for hour on end about just anything, so finally we planned our first meeting. As I live in one city and Josh live in another, we agreed to meet somewhere in-between. We recognized each other right away, as both of us dad seen the picture of one another, so it wasn’t any problem, even in a crowd. For our first date we chose simple going for a coffee, then we were walking around the market square for hours, talking about our interests. It turned out they were very similar, with just distance standing between us, but we got over that quickly. Now, John visits me every week, we spend every free moment together, and in a few months I’m moving to live with him. I’ve received a wonderful job offer there and we’ll finally have more time to get to know each other. We still talk via the Internet but we usually meet in real life, and those meetings are far more preferable. We’re writing this to thank your portal for letting us meet each other and fall in love. Yes! Today we can call it great love that brought us together the first time we met and I hope it will keep us together for the rest of our lives!
Best wishes,
Caroline and Josh

It was only curiosity that made me look through your website and it turned out to be a fantastic place where I could meet someone wonderful, with the same interests as me, like horseback riding, who loves long hours of walks and mountain trips. Every man I’d met thus far thought only about parties and having fun till morning but Charles, whom I met through your portal, turned out to be totally different from other men, perfect even. We also found we live only 20 kilometers apart and Charles runs a small stud with his family, where we agreed to have our first meeting and where I found a special place to spend our free time at. Like me, Charles is still a student so most of our meetings take place after classes, but it turned out he studies where I live. Me meet almost every day and for weekends we go to his place. I’s always dreamt to learn horseback riding but not even in my wildest dreams could I suspect I would spend every weekend in a stud with my beloved and we would go for rides around nearby towns. It’s been half I year since I met Charles via your portal. I guess a thank you would be in order? Yes! Your portal definitely deserves that and a positive opinion, as it lets two people meet and get together.
With regards,

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